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Interviews with recruiters can be very nerve-racking, but the beauty of getting interviewed is that all the questions asked in an interview are very basic and in plain words are highly clich d, therefore preparing for an interview is as easy as pie. One of the most basic asked in an interview is to describe you in an interview; where most candidates can get really overwhelmed and may mess up bad.

Interviewers ask this question in order to gain an insight into the workings of the potential employee s mind. Employees may stress out a lot over this particular question and even though one should never ever lose their heads but should be very careful while answering this question. Try not to sound too modest or too grandiose, make sure you answer the question in such a way that it is directly relevant to the job that you are being interviewed for. If you are applying for the post of a writer your employer is not really interested in the fact that you re an amazing dancer or a singer Keep it as professional as possible, remember it s not a blind date!

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Before you answer your question, always try to put yourself in the employer s shoe to guess as to what kind of employee he would want to hire. Use power words to describe that add weight to the trait you possess. Such as creative, perfectionist and other such words that instantly give the interviewer an idea about the potential employee. Do NOT feel shy, brag about your skills but remember be confident because cockiness never did good to anyone. If you re telling them about your strengths make sure that u squeeze in a few weak points here and there your employer wants a human being to work for them not a robot. Talk about your creative side and talk about what kind of working environment best fuels yours creativity and your motivation to work.

The best way to respond to this question is to break the answer down into the following components; start your answer by listing 5 strengths that are pertinent to the field you re applying. Then mention your weakness, but do not focus too much on them Put your best face forward. Tell them what kind of work environment you re looking for and then back up strengths by talking about your past accomplishments; if you re a newbie in the job market or if you re a veteran, talk about your past job experiences.

Whoever gets successful in describing himself inform of an employer in the right way, gets a high level of chance to be taken seriously and thus get the job. So you should start preparing yourself to express yourself in the best manner possible. You can do so by applying the best technique to overcome your fears and confidence glitches and that is the mirror practice . The mirror practice helps in overcoming all the fears you have in the simplest manner and that is to stand in front of the mirror and do what can not do in front of others. After practicing this technique you will be able to get rid of your problems that can come in your interview process. So after this, you are prepared to describe yourself as effectively as never before!

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