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High heels add height and drama to a woman’s overall look, but many avoid them for fear of pinching and pain. Compared with the sexy and charming looks, there are still some women can not give up comfort to enjoy the feeling of wearing high heels. Well, I will tell you some tips about how to reduce or even avoid the pain of wearing high heels. Get the look you want in high heels without the pain by following these steps. So be brave to put on high heels, and go out with them elegantly and easily.

The first piece of advice, start out wearing wedge-heel shoes. A wedge heel is close to the actual shape of a person’s foot, thus allowing for more comfort. Wedge heels are my favorite kind of high heels. They are comfortable and safe. So you can relieved to wear them in daily life. See wedge heels as the practice of stelitto heels in advance. Wearing high heels is a necessary step to wear stelitto. Then the next step, once you are comfortable wearing a wedge heel, begin wearing a 1-inch high heel. This will boost your height but not to the point where you begin to feel uncomfortable in the shoe. The idea is to slowly become more comfortable about wearing high heels. Before you attempt to wear shoes with higher heels out in public, be sure that you are comfortable in them. Wear the heels around your house for several days, making sure that the shoes are comfortable on your feet. If you can’t walk around your house in a particular pair of high heel shoes for more than a half hour, you probably shouldn’t wear them in public. It is so important that a pair of comfortable and suitable high heels. A good pair of high heels for you can make sure your painless in wearing them in a short time at least. Of course, a pair of good high heels help you accommodate them very soon. And not for a long time, you can adapt the shoes very soon. Until you are more comfortable wearing high heeled shoes, wear them with socks. This is especially important if you’re not used to wearing high heeled shoes. You may find that wearing heels without any socks can become extremely uncomfortable in a hurry. A pair of socks can protect your feet when you wear high heels. Work on your posture while wearing high heeled shoes. Try to walk as upright, yet as natural as possible. High heeled shoes can be known to hurt your back as well as your feet. It is good to look at yourself and practice in mirror. The mirror can help you correct your walking gestures. If you find that your feet hurt while wearing high heel shoes, consider purchasing padded insoles. These will give you some added comfort while wearing heels. Avoid buying inexpensive high heel shoes. Everybody loves a bargain, but if you buy cheap high heel shoes, you can expect to experience some discomfort while wearing them. The better the shoe, the better the chance that you’ll be comfortable while wearing them. As with any shoe, you should try on any pair of high heels and walk around with them on before purchasing them. If you’ve never worn high heels before, buying your first pair off of the Internet or from a catalog would be a big mistake. Know what you’re buying and will be wearing before you make any purchase. If any pair of high heels causes you to have sores, blisters or even bleed, stop wearing them immediately. No fashion statement is worth injuring yourself.

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